eROI Holiday Gift


eROI Holiday Gifts

To show appreciation and holiday spirit, eROI decided to create custom designed bottles for all of their clients. As lead designer on the Stumptown Coffee account, I was tasked with coming up with a bottle design that represented the brand, our relationship with the partner, and the alcohol (Old Grand Dad Bourbon, ) itself.

Our final product was an apothecary style bottle sealed in black wax. Entitled Old Gand – Dad “Nerve Elixir,” design was intended to pay homage to a time when anyone could claim to have a miracle potion, and you could say anything on your packaging.

You can read about the process in eROI’s blog.

My Role(s) • Visual Design  • Assembly
Special shout out to the copywriter – Spencer Foxworth, for both writing fantastic copy and sealing the bottles like a pro.


This packaging design was part of a larger project at eROI.